If + will/would
Unless (no will/would)
Unless I study hard, I won’t pass my exams.

I would be happy if I won the lottery
I would be excited if my husband gave me a present.
would (imaginary) = past tense
I would be dead if I lived in Syria.
If I traveled to Italy I would find a new husband.

I tell stories.
I told a story.
I told you a story.
The little girl said that she was lost.
the little girl told us she was lost.

good at + ing

I wouldn’t do something if I were you.
I wouldn’t buy that watch if I were you.
I wouldn’t sing that song if I were you.

She told Jack not to worry.
he told Jack not to get that car.

wouldn’t (no to)

I live in the city.
I live on the outskirts of the city
I live on the outskirts of a city in a country.

success (n)| succeed (v) | successful (adj)| successfully (adv)
complaint (n) complain (V)
explanation (n)


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